Whether you are looking for a great meal served family style or a perfect place to dine with your date, White Orchid 蘭花軒 has something for everyone to savor and indulge in for a flavourful experience.

Chef Patrick

莊延安(Patrick Chuang)
出生於中國福建省泉州市, 畢業於多倫多大學. 自幼受母親薰陶, 對飲食素有研究, 無論中西烹飪方面均有深切認識. 工作關係曾到過多處地方居住旅遊, 品嚐各地佳餚, 啟發了日後烹飪創意. 在2008年買下大多市餐館「好清香」經營權, 以烹調福建美食為主, 極受大眾歡迎, 期間OMNI電視台也特來拍攝店內美食. 之後為了精益求精, 達至美食多元化概念, 讓更多饕客能享用東南亞美食及其「私房菜」, 改名「蘭花軒」, 把獨特美味菜式供諸同好! 店中不少特色佳餚令人回味無窮, 尤以「海南雞飯」更是遠近馳名, 大獲好評, 不少外地食客特來光顧品嚐. Rogers旗下Local Channel TV曾邀請Patrick介紹店內特色美食. 近期再獲OMNI電視台邀請, 出任美食節目「輕鬆好煮廚」烹飪主持.

Where Shoushin chef Jackie Lin eats Chinese and Japanese food

Guangzhou-born sushi chef Jackie Lin moved to Canada with his family when he was 12, settling in Scarborough. “I was never a downtown guy, I’ve always lived uptown,” Lin says. “Mostly because the food is great up here.” Lin’s parents were great cooks, and he credits them for his love of food. “There’s a famous saying that the communists couldn’t do anything to the Cantonese people, because we only cared about eating,” Lin says. “Anything with its back facing up, we’ll eat it!”

Where to go north of Toronto for your Chinese food fix

The adage that Toronto’s best Chinese food is uptown and not downtown is never more true than along Highway 7 in Richmond Hill.

The thoroughfare has seen a rapid growth of restaurants and new waves of cuisine that reflect the area’s increasingly diverse and growing population. Diners are seeking out their version of “authentic” and are willing to spend money on it, from $6 bowls of noodle soups to banquet-style set dinners that can cost upwards of $1,500.


在Richmond Hill,坐落着一家口口相传的小饭店,兰花轩。





360 Highway 7 E., Unit 5
Richmond Hill
ON L4B 3Y7
(Hwy 7 & Chalmers Rd.)



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